Another Artistic Transfer Artist Chosen For Hotel Renovation

Artistic Transfer, LLC is excited to announce that one of our artist’s artwork was selected by JC Stone Hospitality Group. What is now Plantation Inn at the premier location in Granbury, TX on the Brazos River, has officially started the brand transition of updating the property and redecorating. The rustic small town hotel will have a full facelift underway to be transformed into a modern hotel identity to attract upscale clientele and become the premier boutique hotel in the charming Texas tourist destination.

Artistic Transfer, LLC art consultations strive to provide the best creative design services and products to various commercial entities to experience the best economic impact and full circle customer satisfaction. Our unique process gives us great knowledge and expertise in providing full support and tailored guidance for each dedicated department from our publishing, interior design program, to fine art services for collectors and artists. 

The team at Artistic Transfer is excited to be the launching pad for many artists careers, like Cheyenne Gallion’s, in the fine art and commercial arena to afford them exponential exposure. Cheyenne Gallion’s artwork will makes its debut in January 2020 alongside other artist’s artwork that will be selected soon for other pending sales. As an artist, your success is our success and we are honored to have taken part in her creative process and design.

Ocean-inspired artwork from Cheyenne Gallion (in the middle) and Victoria Moore’s Jellyfish Collections (Each set of four are sold together).

JC Stone Hospitality Group is one of many hotel groups that will reap substantial benefits from Artistic Transfer LLC’s FCRC (Full Circle Redecorating Cycle) program. With sustainability becoming a pivotal element in hospitality, Artistic Transfer, LLC’s is sharing invaluable insights on how continuously transitioning artwork can transform lives and potentially save a business thousands from consumer conscious artwork.

Furniture, flooring, and fixtures wear and tear over time, losing value the minute it leaves the warehouse. Artwork on the other hand chosen from Artistic Transfer’s catalog increases in value over time. Artistic Transfer artwork is made at the highest quality and exclusively protected with an optional Radix 1, the Da Vinci Defense microchip. This also provides provenance to combat the troublesome Orphan Law which has been plaguing the Fine Art arena. Budgeting for higher quality FF&E products yields an appreciating asset rather than décor to discard in a dumpster. 

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