Award-Winning Exhibitor at Dallas Market – World Trade Center!

Artistic Transfer won Best Visual Presentation amongst hundreds of other exhibitors during June Total Home and Gift Market at the Dallas Market Center (World Trade Center)! We want to give a special thanks to the artists that volunteered and painted live!

Christina Yeilding A.K.A Art by C.D.Y

Henrietta and her son Rome Milan

Fran Di Giacomo

Gregory Brown

Jennifer McRorey

Patricia Wilson

Aileen Collins

We’re so thankful for the incredible support from all the artists who rocked the booth on 6th floor down to the 5th floor in suite 555! We invite all our artists to participate to do live painting and gain priceless exposure to the buyers, business owners, and designers who attend market. This is one of many opportunities Artistic Transfer is offering to expand the reach and value of every artist.

Special thanks also goes to our Director of Sales, Tal Milan for bringing his vibrant mother Henrietta and charismatic brother Rome Milan to paint live during Total Home & Gift Market! Thank you all for making market unfortgettable!

Tal Milan and Lillian Powell standing by the Christina Yeilding’s painting “Eyes of the Stars” and our “Best Visual Presentation” award.

Christina Yeilding A.K.A @artbycdy is famously known for her live energetic paintings as she did three days in a row! She created her stunning peacock on her custom signature built wooden frame. As she tuned into her frame, every movement she made had to be calculated without the use of any paintbrushes. “Eyes of the Stars” will be donated to The Warren Center to benefit children with development differences and a portion of every limited edition sold will contribute towards the non-profit organization.

While the @kimbellartmuseum was showcasing this summer’s Monet Exhibition, Artistic Transfer had a miniature version with these two renowned impressionist pallet knife painters. We are so proud to showcase these two legendary artists who are famously known all over Fort Worth! Having painted in their award-winning family-owned @milangallery for decades, Tal Milan, the only non-painter in the family has showcased other artists such as Peter Max, Jane Seymour, George Jones, Vladimir Gorskey.. just to name a few. 
The two original paintings are now ready for purchase and limited editions are available! 
The oil paint should be dry by now! 😉

For purchasing inquiries, please call 512-253-4421 Ext 111

Henrietta and Rome have exhibited all over the world! Market attendees had an a truly unique experience seeing a mother and son painting side by side while the tunes of The Beatles played at Rome’s request.

We thank everyone who attended and the Milan family as we look forward to more artists painting live during @dallasmarketcenter events in the future!

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