Best Middle Man for the Art and Design Community

Written By: Lillian Powell, Director of Operations 

Thank you to all who could make our event!

We recently acquired dozens of amazing artists and invested long hours to curate artworks in addition to all the last-minute details before the event and had a phenomenal turn out and overwhelming success! In less than 24 hours after the seminar, we already started to work with our newly engaged clients on various projects!

Whether you were able to attend or not, Artistic Transfer has a surplus of qualified leads to interior designers and decorators from various vertical markets that are actively looking for art décor.

For interest in becoming a part-time or full-time sales executive please email us at:

We were so fortunate to have had spectacular weather to contribute to our turnout! Unfortunately, as soon as seats stated filling up, Tal Milan announced the Notre-Dame Cathedral was engulfed in flames. The noted fine art veteran of Milan Galleries in Fort Worth pointed out that our proprietary Image Capture technology would have fundamentally saved the timeless lost treasures of our past to be replicated in a clone-like reproduction.

Setara Monzon’s gorgeous first limited edition of “Indigo Gold ” was a jaw-dropper! This photo of the side-by-side comparison between the 7×5 original and 24×36 giclée was taken moments after being printed.
Shifting the mood to a new light with New Technologies in Fine Art, we quickly attracted the attention of all Interior designers, decorators, home stagers, and other miscellaneous fine art fanatics who filled up suite 555 to gain a deeper insight and appreciation for what the brilliant problem-solvers behind Artistic Transfer are accomplishing in the fine art and design communities.

Event Testimonials

“On 4/15/19/, I had the opportunity the attend a presentation by Artistic transfer. A variety of Artistic Transfer clients heard a review of technical innovations and improvements available to make their services, not only unique, but available. As an artist, I was there as a guest. The presentation was precise and complete. I’ve never seen an audience so captivated… You all held their attention so well!,” – Dr. Don Matheson, Artistic Transfer Artist.

“What a great presentation! We learned a lot and look forward to more seminars to attend in the Future!” Anonymous Interior Designer.

Why We’re Becoming Your Best Middle Man

An array of topics covered included the essential building blocks that ASID (American Society of Interior Design) stands on, striving to make interior environments safer, durable, healthy, and sustainable. The four elements are exactly Artistic Transfer’s preexisting ingredients to execute a marketing plan not simply to one but ALL vertical markets.

For example, a medical offices or hospital needing safe substrates that could protect the welfare of the patients, or a corporate office needing limited edition giclées on canvas to withstand transitional trends over a long period of time without color-shifting or fading. In retrospect to the mass-produced, open-edition and short-lifespan of other printers, the additional cost spent for the highest-grade materials in all our products to extend durability and longevity is a game-changing choice!

One of the core values that Artistic Transfer strives to overcome is the beliefs in the market about print reproductions. Galleries became less than enthusiastic about prints when emerging digital technology emerged, it was inconsistent quality and materials. Educating collectors was difficult, and artists just want to paint and see their images reproduced as accurately as possible to the original. From emerging and mid-career to master painters and established artists, we stand by our quality to ensure our clients and collectors appreciation in their investment to uphold a continuous rise in market value.

Our goal for our artists and designers is to gracefully and respectfully transition their brand into giclées. After all, there is a science to offering a variety of sizes and prices for what the market wants and can bear, which is the underlying reason for fine art giclées in the first place!

While many people are clueless when it comes to picking out art much less the provenance and major tax benefits, our mission is to slowly but surely shift the markets’ perception of fine art-print making and what it can do for one’s financial portfolio. At this point, you’re probably wondering,“how on earth could a copy of an original be worth anything?”. Very simple. Tax Deduction. Not only can we assist to pick out the perfect fine art collection for your home or business, we can help you better understanding of the nuances associated with acquiring art so you can more informed spending decisions for yourself or your clients. After all, furniture, flooring, or fixtures can deplete in value the minute it leaves the showroom or warehouse floor, but the art you buy from Artistic Transfer will never go down.

Call to schedule an appointment today to start making smart art decisions.

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