Milan Gallery Strategic Alliance

Artistic Transfer, LLC and Tal Milan of Milan Gallery have created a strategic alliance for showcasing Milan Gallery artists in the Artistic Transfer showroom at the World Trade Center.

Select paintings of Henrietta Milan are now represented in our showroom, as well as world-famous bronze sculptures from sculptor and artist Tuan Nguyen, a Vietnamese visionary who raises ethereal and figurative sculpture to new heights and beauty.

Art is vital for me. It is almost a religion. It means to believe in people, in life, in love. It is a response to what is beautiful and simple. As an artist I do what I do for no other purpose than to express my feelings.” – N.Tuan

Milan Gallery patrons are invited to visit the Artistic Transfer showroom as the alliance expands into more artist representation at the World Trade Center. Come visit Artistic Transfer and Milan Gallery artists at our Dallas headquarters and showroom gallery!

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